Biggest Encounters by Police in Indian History

Biggest Encounters by Police

There have been a number of significant encounters between Indian police and criminals or militants in the country’s history. Here are a few examples:

Biggest Encounters by Police in Indian History

  • Operation Blue Star: This was a military operation conducted by the Indian Army in 1984 to flush out separatist militants who had taken control of the Golden Temple, a Sikh shrine in Amritsar. The operation resulted in the deaths of hundreds of militants, as well as an unknown number of civilians and soldiers. It is considered one of the most controversial events in Indian history and remains a highly emotional topic for many Sikhs.
  • The Siege of the Sabarmati Central Jail: In 1980, a group of Maoist militants took over the Sabarmati Central Jail in Gujarat and held hostages, including several policemen and prison officials. The siege lasted for nearly a month and ended when security forces launched an assault to retake the jail. Several hostages were killed or injured during the operation.
  • The Encounter at Chittisinghpura: In 2000, a group of gunmen killed 36 Sikhs in Chittisinghpur, Jammu and kashmir , India. Later, it was revealed that it was done by Indian army to avenge the killing of the Hindu Pandits. The case was controversial and remains unsolved.
  • The Encounter at Batla House: In 2008, the Delhi police encountered with Indian Mujahideen (Terrorist Group) in Batla house, Delhi. Two militants and one police officer were killed in the encounter. The encounter was highly controversial and remains a subject of ongoing debate and legal proceedings.
  • The Encounter of Mukesh Singh and four other convicts of Nirbhaya rape case: In 2020 December, The convicts of the December 16th Gang rape and murder case were shot dead by the police during an encounter while they were trying to escape from Tihar jail.

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Here are a few more examples of significant encounters in India:

  • The Encounter at Dantewada: In 2010, a team of 74 police personnel were ambushed by the Maoist in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh. The incident resulted in the deaths of 76 police personnel.
  • The Encounter at Pathribal: In 2000, a group of militants killed 35 Sikhs in the village of Pathribal in Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian Army later claimed to have killed five foreign militants responsible for the killings in an encounter. However, it was later revealed that they had killed innocent civilians in a staged encounter.
  • The Encounter at Sailan: In 2011, Indian army, who were on the search operation, killed a Hizbul Mujahideen commander, Burhan Wani along with two other militants in an encounter in the Sailan area of South Kashmir. The encounter led to widespread protests and civilian deaths in the valley.
  • The Encounter of Veerappan: In 2004, Indian police killed notorious sandalwood smuggler and bandit Veerappan in an encounter. Veerappan was wanted for over 100 crimes, including murders, and had evaded capture for over two decades.
  • The Encounter at Bhopal Central Jail : In 2016, eight SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) activists were killed by police inside Bhopal central jail. The incident was controversial with questions raised about whether the men had been killed in an encounter or extrajudicially.

Biggest Encounters by Police in Indian History

It’s worth noting that many of these encounters are controversial and have led to criticism of the police and government. There are many questions about whether these were fair encounters or if they were staged or fake encounters.

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