Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy : Case Study

Lehman Brothers

Case Study: Reasons at the back of the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers

Lehman Brothers: The financial disaster of Lehman Brothers changed into a result of the investment bank’s publicity to the 2007-2010 economic disaster. In fact, the loss of life of the funding bank could come to represent the disaster. Therefore, with a purpose to understand the financial disaster of Lehman Brothers, a consummate information of the 2007-2010 financial disaster is considered necessary. As a result, the introduction will include a discussion of crisis.

Lehman collapse news
Lehman collapse news

Several causes of Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy

Lehman Brothers’ collapse was caused by a number of causes. Perhaps maximum vital, however, changed into the length of deregulation that preceded the disaster.

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The period of deregulation

Arguably, the period of deregulation started at some point of the Reagan Era. Reaganomics, the lassiez faire financial regulations endorsed through the previous president, might also have served as the start line for the deregulatory climate that ensued for the following many years. Either way, the subsequent decades witnessed an overriding perception inside the virtues of deregulation.

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Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act

In 1999, President Clinton signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act into law. The act repealed quantities of the Glass-Steagall Act (Banking Act of 1933). The Glass-Steagall Act prohibited normal banking.

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Bankruptcy news from cnbctv18
Bankruptcy news from cnbctv18

Universal banking

Universal banking is described as a single institution acting as an investment bank, a business financial institution, and an insurance organization. The repeal of Glass-Steagall allowed for harmful hobby at the part of numerous economic intermediaries, such as Lehman Brothers.

For instance, industrial banks played a vital function as buyers and dealers of loan-sponsored securities, credit score-default swaps and different explosive economic derivatives. Without the watering down and final repeal of Glass-Steagall, the banks could have been barred from most of those sports.

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Several other factors of Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy

Several other factors contributed to the financial disaster, including: subprime lending, credit conditions, monetary instruments, and a growth in domestic costs. Many subprime mortgages had been predatory in nature. Often, the borrower had little chance of reimbursement.

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Mortgages regularly Bought and Sold

As mortgages had been regularly bundled and sold, lenders were less worried with a borrower’s potential to repay the mortgage. In addition, over eighty% of subprime mortgages had been adjustable-price mortgages (ARMs). A mixture of declining domestic charges and better reset quotes for ARMs brought about delinquencies to boom dramatically.

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Subprime lending

Subprime lending was fueled by way of low interest fees. After 9-11, 2001, the Fed decreased rates. In periods of low hobby prices, lending will become extra profitable. As such, banks had been compelled to growth subprime lending. By 2006, subprime loans accounted for 20 percentages of all loan loans.

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The use of monetary innovation

The use of monetary innovation to create complex monetary units (derivatives) performed a large position in each subprime lending and the economic crisis. For instance, banks bought mortgages, through the securitization procedure, to buyers, if you want to finance subprime lending.

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The Last days of the Lehman Brothers
The Last days of the Lehman Brothers

Asset-backed securities

Asset-backed securities (ABSs) had been a not unusual securitization arrangement. A portfolio of profits-generating property (loans) is sold with the aid of the originating banks to a special reason automobile and the cash flows from the assets are then allocated to tranches. The securitized loan is then bought to traders as an ABS.

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Credit default swap (CDS)

In addition, another derivative, a credit default swap (CDS), turned into designed to provide coverage to defend against default. CDSs allowed investors to synthetically wager towards the asset-backed securities. The method is akin to multiple human beings buying insurance at the same residence. As such, when mortgages commenced to default, causing the cost of ABSs to say no, the losses to insurance organizations have been magnified.

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The combination of all factors

The combination of all three of the aforementioned factors triggered a splendid increase in home expenses. Low interest quotes endorsed borrowing. In addition, many subprime borrowers believed home costs could preserve to realize in perpetuity. As such, subprime borrowers received ARMs.

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ARMs had been a manufactured from the monetary innovation referred to in advance. Between 1997 and 2006, the amalgamation of those factors ended in a 124 percentage growth in domestic prices.

Mortgage Crisis introducer
Mortgage Crisis Introducer

Recognize the collapse of Lehman Brothers

In order to better recognize the collapse of Lehman Brothers, it’s miles essential to examine the features and practices of a funding financial institution. The income and buying and selling desks at funding banks had often acted as market makers.

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Market makers

Market makers are a dealer-supplier firms that take delivery of the danger of conserving a positive range of stocks of a specific protection so that it will facilitate buying and selling in that safety.

In other phrases, market makers provide liquidity to markets by way of quoting both bid and provide charges. In comparison, funding banks sooner or later started proprietary trading.


Proprietary buying and selling

Proprietary buying and selling entails taking positions in belongings, in preference to cashing in on the bid-offer spread (marketplace making). Lehman Brothers, via proprietary trading, had big levered positions in each subprime mortgages and mortgage-sponsored securities. When the fee of those belongings started to decline, the organization’s fairness become worn out and the financial institution became bankrupt.

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The Lehman Bro's
The Lehman Bro’s

Collapse of Lehman Brothers

On September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy. This becomes the largest bankruptcy submitting in U.S. History. The bank declared a debt of $613 billion, bond debt of $155 billion and $639 billion well worth of belongings. The death of Lehman Brothers become due to a aggregate of the rejection of bailout from the government, lack of a willing purchaser, and the mortgage disaster.

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Rejection of Lehman Brother’s bailout

The reasons at the back of the authorities rejection of a Lehman Brothers bailout are hotly contested. Prior to Lehman’s bankruptcy, the authorities had saved both American Insurance Group (AIG) and Bear Sterns from a comparable fate.

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According to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

According to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the government failed to bailout Lehman Brothers for 2 motives. First, the government lacked prison authority to intervene.

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Lehman Brothers had inadequate capital

Second, Lehman had inadequate capital. The Federal Reserve should most effective make a mortgage, Bernanke explained, if collateral supported it, giving Lehman a mortgage then might be lending right into a run, Bernanke felt “The analysis was that a run may have taken place, which may have happened. . . All we would have done would be to make counter-parties complete and now not succeed in preventing the crumble of the agency”.

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Theories why Govt. didn’t save Lehman Brothers

Many theorize that the government didn’t save Lehman Brothers that allows you to teach marketplace contributors a lesson. However, Bernanke refutes, “I speak for myself, and I suppose I can speak for others, that at no time did we are saying, ‘We could shop Lehman, but we won’t.’ Our situation changed into about the financial system, and we knew the consequences for the extra financial gadget could be catastrophic, and it became”.

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Lehman Brothers had Capable Customers

Lehman Brothers had capability customers in both Bank of America and Barclays Capital. However, without government help, both Bank of America and Barclays Capital walked. Lehman turned into pressured into liquidation.

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September 16, 2008 Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy

September sixteen, 2008, the day following Lehman Brothers record for bankruptcy, Barclays signed a definitive agreement to acquire sure parts of Lehman in addition to their New York headquarters constructing. The deal turned into revised days later for Barclays to gather the core business of Lehman Brothers inclusive of their $960 million Midtown Manhattan workplace skyscraper and 10,000 employees for $1.35 billion.

With few different alternatives, Lehman had little preference but to acquiesce. On September 22, 2008, Nomura Holdings Inc. Acquired Lehman Brothers’ franchise inside the Asia Pacific vicinity such as a couple of locations and 3,000 employees.

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The Mortgage crisis

The Mortgage crisis played a large function within the fall apart of Lehman Brothers. Lehman turned into a major participant in subprime lending. Lehman was a frontrunner in each loan lending and loans securitization of Mortgages. Subprime lending and securitization represented an increasing huge portion of Lehman’s revenues. As such, the corporation becomes irrevocably linked to the mortgage market.

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Mortgage default fees commenced

When Mortgage default fees commenced to upward thrust, the call for MBSs reduced. Lehman became caught with billions of bucks of “poisonous” assets on its balance sheet. Lehman might ultimately close its mortgage lending operations.

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The Lehman Brothers confronted massive losses

The following year, due to preserving on to massive positions in subprime and other lower-rated loan tranches, Lehman confronted massive losses. By 2007, Lehman’s leverage ratio (dimension of danger) additionally increased notably to 31:1 putting them in a completely susceptible function due to the fact they had been too thinly capitalized for the leverage used.

This become allowed due to the fact they were no longer problem to the same rules as depository banks. Deregulation allowed for Lehman to take those more and more volatile positions.

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Market Effects of Lehman Brothers Collapse

Lehman Brothers’ financial ruin submitting on September 15, 2008 brought on the DJIA to drop over 500 points (-4.Four%). September 15, 2008 marked the largest one day drop because the markets reopened following Sept. 11, 2001.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average

The DJIA might sooner or later lose a further forty three% of its value, erasing greater than US$ 1 T in market capitalization. World inventory market indices suffered a similar destiny. The FTSE All-World Index could eventually lose 2400 factors (44% of its cost).

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The prospect of Lehman Brothers

The prospect of Lehman liquidating $4.3 billion in mortgage securities sparked a selloff in the industrial mortgage-subsidized security (MBS) market. Several money and institutional funds had full-size exposure to Lehman.

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BNY Mellon’s institutional coins fund and MMMF

BNY Mellon’s institutional coins fund and the primary reserve fund (an MMMF) each fell below $1 according to proportion due to publicity to Lehman. Due to the fact that investment products often no longer generate capital gains or losses, the Net Asset Value (NAV) of MMMFs “typically remains constant at $1.” (Investopedia). The “breaking of the dollar” was the name given to this event.

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Overall systematic danger

Overall systematic danger accelerated appreciably as a result of the bankruptcy filing. Due to the boom in systemic hazard, there was a US$ 737 B decline in collateral excellent within the securities lending marketplace. Furthermore, the TED Spread, or the difference between U.S.

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The Treasury costs and LIBOR charges

Treasury costs and LIBOR charges, extended nearly 400 basis factors. Essentially, the dramatic boom in the TED unfold was because of overwhelming uncertainty. LIBOR fees include a “small” amount of credit danger; U.S. Treasury quotes are seen as genuinely chance-unfastened. The uncertainty triggered the rate differential between a “small” amount of credit danger and chance-loose to widen.

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Troubles Assets Relief Program (TARP)

After the Lehman Brothers financial ruin submitting, which will address the escalating disaster, the authorities created the Troubles Assets Relief Program (TARP). TARP became designed to purchase each property and equity from monetary intermediaries (FIs).

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The Purpose of TARP

The purpose of its design became threefold. First, via purchasing assets, the government was hoping to cast off “toxic” property from the banks’ balance sheets. Second, via growing equity positions, TARP recapitalized the afflicted banks. Third, TARP turned into additionally applied to inspire inter-financial institution lending.

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