Lionel Messi’s Instagram reaches 400M followers

Lionel Messi's Instagram

FIFA World Cup: Lionel Messi’s Instagram reaches 400m followers, will become second most accompanied at the back of Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi’s Instagram: Lionel Messi and Argentina gained the World cup on Sunday, finishing his profession. Television and online, the sport captivated the globe. After winning the world cup, Messi is now on a roll, shattering file after file set through Ronaldo.

Messi’s social media presence performed two crucial milestones following the triumph. On Monday, he joined longstanding rival Cristiano Ronaldo with four hundred million+ Instagram fans.

Messi obtained five million fans on Sunday and 20 million over the last 30 days, according to social blade. In august 2021, when he joined PSG after 18 seasons at Barcelona, he received 20 million new followers.

Messi quickly shared a jubilant selfie of himself maintaining the stable gold World Cup trophy over his head after the sport turned into won via penalty kicks. Messi wrote in Spanish, “World champions!!!!!!!!.”

Within the first 20 hours

Within the first 20 hours, the publish acquired forty eight million likes, putting it heading in the right direction to surpass the current file of 56 million likes, set by using a 2019 publish of an egg. Messi has moved as much as first area, surpassing Ronaldo and Messi in a Louis Vuitton commercial presenting the two players playing chess from last month.

The picture published through Ronaldo obtained 42 million likes, at the same time as the equal picture published by using Messi acquired 32 million likes, enough for sixth area all-time on the website.

The seven-time Ballon D’or winner and two-time golden ball winner at the World Cup came in second on Sportico’s list of the world’s maximum-paid sportsmen this year with $122 million, just in the back of Lebron James’ $127 million. Messi has as a minimum ten different sponsors further to Adidas, Budweiser, Mastercard, Pepsico, and Socios.

Lionel Messi earns over $50 million a year from endorsement offers

Messi earns over $50 million a year from endorsement offers thank you in massive element to his significant social media following, which sponsors see as a means to greater exposure for his or her very own brands. Messi has a total of 110 million fb likes, in addition to his devoted fan base. There is no twitter account for him to apply.

In keeping with subsidized analytics platform Hookit, which turned into recently sold with the aid of Kore software, Messi has been answerable for billion interactions on Instagram this 12 months, 35% of that have took place since the beginning of November. In line with Hookit’s calculation, Messi’s social media tweets have generated $fifty nine million in “adjusted ad value” for his sponsors.

Lionel Messi’s Instagram reaches 400M Fans


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